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Law Offices of David Rudich, a renowned firm since 1973, providing Business Transactional, Entertainment, and Insurance Analysis.

David Rudich is a prominent Los Angeles attorney with a specialized expertise in handling legal matters in business transactions, intellectual property law, litigation, insurance case analysis, and all matters pertaining to the entertainment industry. His extensive work in the entertainment industry lead to a deep understanding of the services required to protect the eclectic needs and interests of a wide range of both corporate and individual celebrity clients, and it is these services that his private practice specializes in today.

Rudich graduated from the UCLA School of Law. He started his career with the prestigious law firm of Shearer, Fields, Rohner & Shearer, in entertainment, business law and litigation. He subsequently left the firm to launch his own practice.

Rudich has rendered his services in all aspects of the entertainment industry, including film, television, and music and has represented many prominent recording artists, television, and film stars including Motley Crue, KISS, Alice Cooper, Blind Melon, Blondie, Forest Whitaker, Debbie Reynolds, Alive Entertainment, McGhee Entertainment and many others. He has represented such entertainment institutions as 20th Century Fox Film Corporation and AIP, in addition to a number of other production companies, producers, writers, and directors. In 1992, he was a founder, along with Graham Nash and others, of Manuscript Originals.

Among the highlights of Rudich’s career have been the highly successful founding of Confidential Life Insurance, a venture involving Lloyds of London that he conceived and established to provide the entertainment industry--managers, agents, lawyers, business managers, record companies, music publishers and production companies in television and film in particular-- with a confidential means of insuring talent. 

Rudich's private practice also serves many clients from a business transaction perspective, which includes all forms of intellectual property law, as well as private companies and practices, such as medical and dental practices.